About this blog

You may be fat, or you may be thin, but I believe most of us have food demons that result in an unhealthy relationship with our bodies, food and our bathroom scales. This forum presents a place to discuss those issues, with the hope of shedding some light on our food obsessions so that we may use that knowledge to gain control–forever!

My story
My weight struggles began at age 12 when my doctor informed my mother that my rather spectacular growth spurt was coming to an end. He predicted, “If you don’t start eating less, you will grow up to be fat.” My mother, who never had weight or food issues, had big dreams for her only daughter, and none of them included being fat. She immediately followed doctor’s orders and put me on a diet to lose his recommended 4 pounds.

There began my lifetime roller coaster of being either on or off a diet. I’ve watched the needle on the scale rise and fall, right along with my self-esteem ever since. I often wonder how my life might have been different, if my doctor and mother had taken a less regimented approach to losing those 4 pounds. But in the 60s, one didn’t talk about changing habits or making food substitutions. The key to weight loss was deprivation.

I lost 8 pounds that summer, and I liked the difference it made. Perhaps that feeling would have been enough to maintain my ideal weight for a lifetime, but the ritual of eating can quickly take on a life of its own. My mother’s delight in my success turned her into a drill sergeant who thereafter watched my intake like a hawk. Just as quickly, I set my mind to learning all the tricks for getting around her supervision. But decades later, long after my mother is gone, I still practice the same tricks.

Our story
Why can’t we eat a half cup of ice cream without that carton silently screaming to get us back into the kitchen to eat more? It will still be there tomorrow, or if we get really desperate, all we need is a quick trip to the store. Why can’t we ignore it? Taking it a step further, if we do eat until we see the bottom of that carton, how likely is it that we are going to do it secretly? I have a sneaking suspicion that we all do this, but no one talks about it.

I know I’m not alone in wrestling my diet demons, yet I am frustrated. Despite all the information the media covers on diets and healthy eating, rarely do I see anything related to the thought process of why some of us eat more than we should. It makes me crazy when an article suggests that substituting one food for another, over a year’s time, will take off 10 pounds. That kind of logic only works for people who are in control of their food intake; I’m pretty sure most of us fall into another category.

I, for one, have wasted far too much time and mental energy judging my worth based on my relationship with food. There has to be a way to crack the code of our food compulsions for good!

Beat the demons!
I hope you’ll join the dialogue and discuss your demons. Together we can help each other with ideas and challenges to eradicate them (or at least, learn to live with them happily).

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